Special issue of Evolutionary Psychology on language evolution

The Journal of Evolutionary
Psychology has published its special issue on language evolution, and access is currently free.

Here’s the table of contents:

Evolutionary psychology and the origins of language (editorial)
Thomas C. Scott-Phillips

Review of geographic variation in terrestrial mammalian acoustic signals: Human speech variation in a comparative perspective
Adriano R. Lameira, Roberto A. Delgado and Serge A. Wich

Environment, methodology, and the object choice task in apes: Evidence for declarative comprehension and implications for the evolution of language
H. Lyn

Modelling vocal anatomy’s significant effect on speech
Bart de Boer

What exactly evolved?
A review of The Evolution of Human Language: Biolinguistic Perspectives , edited by Richard K. Larson, Viviane Déprez, Hiroko
Robert Truswell

A minimal approach is insufficient
A review of Language Evolution and Syntactic Theory by Anna R. Kinsella
Martin Edwardes

How language came to be?
A review of The Evolution of Language , by Tecumseh Fitch
Robin Dunbar

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