In an effort to provide a useful resource for myself, and anyone else who may stumble upon this blog, I’ve decided to begin writing several 101 series. Naturally, they will be focused around areas I consider to be useful for those who wish to become successful evolutionary linguists (something I’m also trying to work on, so my claims may be completely bogus). I’ll update this page often, so keep coming back, or simply add it to your RSS, and you should find a new article. I’m not going to set an estimated frequency of when I’ll update, as I find these tend to be wildly speculative, and are no more useful than someone giving you stock tips.

Mathematical Models 101

  1. Introduction & Viability Selection
  2. Selection on Fertility and Viability
  3. Intro to Game Theory
  4. Evolutionary Game Theory
  5. The Price Equation

Animal Signalling 101

  1. The Handicap Principle

Evolution 101

  1. A history of evolution pt. 1: Ancient Greece to Lamarck
  2. A history of evolution pt. 2: The Wealth of Nations, Populations and On the Origin

Language Evolution 101

  1. Language Evolution 101: Gene’s Eye vs. DST

Evolution of Colour Terms

  1. Evolution of Colour Terms
  2. Genetic Constraints
  3. Environmental Constraints
  4. Perceptual Constraints
  5. Learning Constraints
  6. Cultural Constraints
  7. Categorisation Constraints
  8. Perceptual Warping
  9. Embodied Relationships
  10. Niche Construction
  11. Universal Patterns are Not Evidence for Innate Constraints

Linguistics 101

  1. That’s Linguistics (Not Logistics)
  2. History of Linguistics pt.2
  3. Phonology 101: An Introduction
  4. Phonology 101: Vowels
  5. Phonology 101: Consonants

Statistics (mostly in R) 101

Check out Bodo Winter’s tutorials here

  1. Descriptive & Inferential

Python 101

  1. Hello, World

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