A Replicated Typo was originally your standard wordpress blog dedicated to the non-standard theme of evolutionary linguistics. Its original author, James Winters, recently (July 2010) decided to buy his own host, get a decent domain and expand his list of contributors. Those currently writing for the blog include Sean Roberts, Hannah Little, Michael Pleyer, Anne Pritchard, Richard Littauer and Bill Benzon.

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  • alex

    Hey All,

    first, i really enjoy the blog. thanks for the great content!
    second, for people out of the academic loop on cultural evolution could you guys possibly compile a list of important people working on cultural evolution/transmission that anyone interested in the topic should check out? Also, a must read book list on the topic would be appreciated.

  • http://www.replicatedtypo.com/authors/james-winters/ Wintz

    Hey Alex,

    I’ve been planning to offer a library-like resource for a while now… Now there is a demand, albeit of one-person, I’ll put together something soonish. Keep your eyes peeled. For now, if I could offer three papers, then the first is on cultural evolution in general: Toward a unified science of Cultural Evolution by Mesoudi, Whiten and Laland (2006). For the second, it’s more language-specific, but it really sets out a good background for cultural evolutionary processes in language: Language is a Complex Adaptive System by Beckner et al (2009). Lastly, for a good introduction into the evolution of language, look no further than Simon Kirby’s work The Evolution of Language (2007)… And, as an extra bonus, you should also take a peak at Luc Steel’s stuff: Self-organization and Selection in the Cultural Language Evolution (in press)

  • Jess

    Hey! Are you guys ever looking for additional authors or writers? I absolutely love your blog!

  • http://www.slargon.com James Corbo

    Hey guys,

    Sweet blog you’ve got here, great content. I’m writing you because my brother and I started our own language project and we’re looking for feedback, collaboration and/publicity. We’ve built a site called http://www.slargon.com, it is a video language library of slang, idioms and other peculiar language. I like to think of it as Urban Dictionary on crack. We have about 400 videos up on our site and youtube channel (www.youtube.com/slargon) as of now. If you have a minute take a look at a few of our videos, they’re only 12-30 seconds a piece, and let us know what you think and if you’d be at all interested in writing about us.



  • hiveser

    I just found an interesting article that may be relevant to evo-lang: “Altitude May Affect the Way Language Is Spoken” http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2013/06/130612173332.htm

  • Sean Roberts

    I’m on it.

  • Sean Roberts
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  • Helga Vierich

    Just found your blog. Was relieved to see some people disassembling the “meme” juggernaut being hoisted onto the assembly line of intellectual fads. Thanks!

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