Plenary talk videos from Evolang

Videos from the plenary lectures of the Evolution of Language conference are now online, here. The setup is quite impressive, with seperate videos of the speakers and slides.

The cover shot comes from one of my favourite moments of EvoLang, when Russel Gray taught us how to play a cut shot in cricket (about 43 minutes into his talk).

You can read some reviews of talks at Evolang on Replicated Typo:

Network structure and the effect of L2 learners on language change
Simon Fisher: Molecular Windows into Speech and Language
Boeckx on integrating biolingustics and cultural evolution
Luke McCrohon on horizontal transfer
Massimo Piattelli-Palmarini’s plenary talk
Brain activity during the emergence of a grounded communication game
Animal Communication and the Evolution of Language
Bart de Boer on Fact-free science
Cognitive Construal, Mental Spaces, and the Evolution of Language and Cognition
The Evolution of Morphological Agreement
Holistic or synthetic protolanguage: evidence from iterated learning of whistled signals
A Bottom Up Approach to Language Evolution

The Nomothetic approach to language evolution

Honest Signalling between plants and insects

On linguistic replicators
Evolang coverage: Andrew Smith: Linguistic replicators are not observable, nor replicators
Evolang Coverage: More on linguistic replicators
In Search of the Wild Replicator
Wild Replicator’s Got Funky Rhythm, Part 1
Wild Replicator’s Got Funky Rhythm, Part 2


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