The Language Evolution Tree: Yet more evidence

The Speculative Grammarian has published startling new findings that the Acacia Tree is central to Language Evolution.  This ground-breaking work was based on my post here.

Happy EvoLang deadline day!

Sean Geraint (2011). Language Evolution and the Acacia Tree Speculative Grammarian, Vol CLXII (4)

SpecGram: Phonotronic Energy Reserves and the Tiny Phoneme Hypothesis

An article in this month’s Speculative Grammarian considers whether phonotronic energy could account for the results of Atkinson (2011) (commented on here) which support a serial founder effect on phoneme inventory.

The article demonstrates two things:

  1. The effects on phonotronic energy correlate well with phoneme inventory size
  2. I’m not the only one doing bonkers correlations