Plenaries for EvoLang announced

The plenary speakers for EvoLang XI have been announced.  As well as standard plenaries, there are two discussion plenaries, focussed on a theme with discussants taking different positions.

The deadline for paper submission is the 4th of Setpember 2015 (see the conference website).


Discussion Plenaries

Language localization in the brain

Gricean communication

Single Plenaries

  • Vincent Janik (dolphin communication, Biology, University of St. Andrews)
  • Joan Bybee (usage-based grammaticalization, Linguistics, University of New Mexico)
  • Ljiljana Progovac (Evolution of Syntax, Linguistics,Wayne State University)
  • Erich Jarvis (neurobiology of birdsong, Neurobiology, Duke University)
  • Dean Falk (paleoneurology/motherese, Anthropology, Florida State University)

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