ICPhS Phonetic Evolution Meeting. Proceedings and Registration closing.

At this year’s International Congress of Phonetic Sciences in Glasgow, there is a special interest satellite meeting on the evolution of phonetic capabilities. I posted a list about the program here: http://www.replicatedtypo.com/icphs-phonetic…015-in-glasgow/10675.html

This is just an update to let people know that:

A) The proceedings booklet is now available online here:


B) The deadline for registration to the meeting is 24th June.

Registration is £10, and can be completed through the ICPhS registration page under “Registration only with no accommodation”.

If you would like to register only for this meeting, without registering for the main ICPhS conference, you can do so by emailing contact@icphs2015.info

More info can be found here: https://ai.vub.ac.be/ICPhS

For any other queries, contact hannah@ai.vub.ac.be

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