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Edit: The results are out!

I’m working with the Language in Interaction project to create an App game about linguistic diversity.  It’s a game where you listen to several recordings of people talking and have to match the ones who are speaking the same language.  It’s quite a lot like the Great Language Game, but we’re using many lesser-known languages from the DOBES archive.

But first – we need a name.  Help us create one with the power of Iterated Learning!

Click to take part in our 1-minute experiment to evolve an app name.

We’ll throw some app names at you, you try to remember them, then we throw your names at someone else.

Here’s a screenshot of the App in development:


(P.S.: I’ve done this kind of thing before to evolve a band name)

3 thoughts on “Evolve an App Name”

  1. Forcing people to come up with a fixed number of unique labels is the worst experimental design decision. Ever.

    Also, ‘Lingo Bingo’ wins hands down!!

  2. True, I guess I could just add a ‘let me out of here’ button, and fill in the missing items with random originals.
    And yes, Lingo Bingo is doing quite well.

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