Titanoboa… Pt 2.

As you can probably infer by the lack blog posts, the past few months I’ve abstained from writing anything on this website. Yet to my surprise, the average amount of visitors has been steadily increasing over the past few months, with the post receiving the most hits being Titanoboa… OMG!

I guess people like gigantic snakes.

Even Titanoboa wasn't this big. This is why we have fiction: to fuel our ever growing need to escape the mundane.

Titanoboa… OMG!

If you think this snake is big…

… Then quickly get acquainted with the new (or old?) champ, Titanoboa:

The fossilised vertebra of titanoboa. WTF!
Left: A model vertebra of an extant anaconda, arguably the largest snake in the world. Right: The fossilised vertebra of Titanoboa. WTF!

Dramatic name. Dramatic find. Let’s just put it this way: this snake would eat the motherf**king plane. See Ed Young’s or PZ Myers’ accounts for more information.