Language Evolution and Tetris!

Hello, people of the Blogosphere!

Why not take some time out from your dedicated reading to do a little language evolution experiment!  And all you have to do is play Tetris!

The Evolution of Tetris

… and learn an alien language.  It takes no more than 10 minutes.

The instructions and game are here:

Due to me being a terrible programmer, it’ll probably crash or do some weird things.  But it’s all in the name of pseudo-science!

P.S. – users of the latest Firefox will need to update java.

3 thoughts on “Language Evolution and Tetris!”

  1. The Tetris game does not work. I fill a line, and keep colors together, but nothing happens.

    The language is also very difficult because there is a unique word for each color-shape pair. I did not realize that at first and only focused on the shape. This is also a problem because the colors are very hard to tell apart; they are all similar pastel shades.

  2. Thanks for the feedback – I’ve tried to rectify the problems. It’s interesting you didn’t realise that the colour dimension had meanings – I’ll talk more about this when I get more data…

  3. Hello, everything worked for me, although my arrows couldn’t get the blocks to move at first but it got it going after I pased and then unpaused, seems to be some sort of glitch in the programming.

    Kudos on the addictive web-based way of collecting data.

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