EvoLang proceedings are now online

This year, the proceedings of the Evolution of Language conference will appear online.  The first group of papers are already up:

Browse the EvoLang Electronic Proceedings

The move to self-publishing is a bit of an experiment, but hopefully it’ll mean that the papers are more accessible to a wider audience.  To aid this, the papers are published under Creative Commons licenses.  Some papers also include supplementary materials.

The full list of papers will be updated as revisions come in, but here are some interesting papers available so far:

Some interesting papers:

Linguistic Structure Emerges In The Cultural Evolution Of Artificial Sign Languages Yasamin Motamedi, Marieke Schouwstra, Kenny Smith, Simon Kirby

Plain Simple Complex Structures: The Emergence Of Overspecification In An Iterated Learning Setup Stefan Hartmann, Peeter Tinits, Jonas Nölle, Thomas Hartmann, Michael Pleyer

What Kind Of Grammar Did Early Humans (and Neanderthals) Command? A Linguistic Reconstruction Ljiljana Progovac


Early Learned Words Are More Iconic Lynn Perry, Marcus Perlman, Gary Lupyan, Bodo Winter, Dominic Massaro

Arbitrariness Of Iconicity: The Sources (and Forces) Of (dis)similarities In Iconic Representations Oksana Tkachman, Carla L. Hudson Kam

Animal communication:

Functionally Flexible Vocalizations In Wild Bonobos (pan Pansicus) Zanna Clay, Jahmaira Archbold, Klaus Zuberbuhler

Pre And Post Partum Whistle Production Of A Bottlenose Dolphin (tursiops Truncatus) Mother-calf Dyad Audra Ames, Sara Wielandt, Dianne Cameron, Stan Kuczaj

Nonhuman Animals’ Use Of Ostensive Cues In An Object Choice Task Heidi Lyn, Stephanie Jett, Megan Broadway, Mystera Samuelson

Some papers with the word “Sean” in:

Deictic Tools Can Limit The Emergence Of Referential Symbol Systems Elizabeth Irvine, Sean Roberts

Nonlinear Biases In Articulation Constrain The Design Space Of Language Rick Janssen, Bodo Winter, Dan Dediu, Scott Moisik, Sean Roberts

Language Adapts To Signal Disruption In Interaction Vinicius Macuch Silva, Sean Roberts

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