The 3rd annual meeting of the European Society for the study of Human Evolution

There’s the European Human Behaviour & Evolution Association (EHBEA), the Human Behavior and Evolution Society (HBES), and the European Society for the study of Human Evolution (ESHE) too. I’m reminded of the People’s Front of Judea.

Anyway… the 3rd annual meeting of the ESHE will be held in Vienna, Austria, on 20-21 September, 2013. The meeting will be hosted by the local organizer Professor Gerhard Weber, from the Department of Anthropology at the University of Vienna.

On Thursday 19 September, the eve of the opening of the meeting, a special keynote presentation will be given by Professor Tecumseh Fitch, from the University of Vienna, on the evolution of speech, language and music. The meeting will be held on Friday 20 and Saturday 21 September in the spectacular Großer Festsaal and Kleiner Festsaal at the University of Vienna. Each day will be composed of plenary podium sessions in the morning, specialized workshops in the afternoon and poster sessions in the early evening.

Submissions of topics in the broader field of evolutionary studies, outside of human paleontology and paleolithic archaeology, are especially encouraged this year. The submission should include a 1-2 page presentation of the subject, a list of participants with titles and short abstracts (200 words). Applications should be sent no later than 15 April and will be quickly reviewed so that selected participants can submit their full abstract in due time for the 31 May abstract deadline. Questions relating to the organization of these specialized sessions can be sent to

Meeting Registration for the 2013 ESHE Meeting in Vienna is available on our website

There is 3000€ available for 2 or 3 student poster prizes. To be included in the running for a poster prize you must first submit your abstract via the online system, and check the box which states “Enter this poster in the Student Poster Competition”. A pdf of your poster must be sent to by 31 August in order to be evaluated.

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