Jess Hrebinka

Jess Hrebinka is an undergraduate student at the University of Virginia, studying Arabic Linguistics and Philosophy. When not out of breath from reciting her major, she likes to flirt with sign language, baking and playing ice hockey. While currently working on a thesis in the general subjects of language philosophy and pragmatics, she is also planning on applying to grad school to pursue a PhD. She is studying Arabic, French, and Latin and has studied a smattering of Scots Gaelic, Haitian Creole, and Tunisian dialect. Her interests include historical linguistics, dialectology, and the preservation of endangered languages, in addition to XBox gaming, Syracuse’s 2-3 zone, and, of course, the Boston Bruins. She is currently battling an addiction to the Pennsylvania Dutch lexicon, metaphysical possibilities, and peanut butter.  Oh, and Doctor Who.

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